Our Story

I was born and raised a Catholic – and not the church-going kind! The first third of my life was spent partying. God, however, had different plans for my life. I got into a serious car accident and almost lost my life. That experience changed my life vocationally (due to severe injuries) but even more so spiritually. I eventually started reading God’s Word every day. Starting with the Book of Genesis, I read a chapter-a-day until I completed reading through the entire bible with the Book of Revelation. Then I started over. I did that several times. At one point, I realized that a paradigm shift had taken place in my mind and my heart.

I went from being a radical leftist (for the first 30 years of my life) to becoming a radical right winger (for the next 10 years of my life). I went from hating conservatives to hating socialists. Until, at one point, it dawned on me that neither way was the right way to go! Hate can’t be the basis of anything – but LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF – can! Old things had passed away, behold, everything had become new!

Over the years I made it my duty to share God’s Word with my family. And, not because of me or my efforts but through the divine grace of God and the power of His Word – all of my family are walking with God today. And the peace that passes all understanding lives in
my heart now.